Friday, October 30, 2009

Just an update.

I've noticed that my feet are feeling better. That I can walk around without being in pain. Just a few months ago I would wake up everyday and putting my feet on the floor would be like stepping on a hot plate. There's very little or no discomfort when I wake up in the morning now. And I attribute it to my weight loss. I'm able to run up 4 floors worth of stairs instead of drag myself up. My girlfriend told me I don't snore anymore. I only had started snoring when I started putting on all the weight. My back hasn't caused me any trouble since I lost the weight. I have a history of back problems.

Someday I will run a marathon. I just gotta figure out how to deal with the sun. But one day I will do it.

The Bill's Wiki'd Women have given me a new total of how they have helped.


Bringing the new tally to ........


incredible!! these last 20 lbs are gonna be a bitch!! I need all the help I can get. Thanks guys!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

227 lbs!!!!!

Its been a while since my last blog and that's because I've been losing weight the last few weeks a bit slower. I went to Canada to visit my lady and while there my routine and schedule was a bit off. I ended up putting on a few pounds that I found out about when I got back here to my scale.

But I'm confident I will lose these last 20.whatever lbs!

I'll be out of town and away from my scale around Thanksgiving for over 2 weeks!! Thats making me a little nervous now that I think about it. But I'll be good.

The other night I was at my friends birthday celebration at a bar. And a guy put down a box of yummy looking cupcakes right in front of me and there were two girls who just got back from the hot dog stand and they had bags of goodies that smelled very good. So I left. No drinking and no goodies. It was necessary, but it was tough.

Mary Cait is my latest sponsor. $1/lb bring the tally to $133.63/lb!!!!

Keep it coming!! Donate to

thanks everybody!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

229.2 lbs!!!!

Last night I turned down more birthday cake. Turned down a corn bread at Boston Market the other day. But its working.

I was asked last night if I missed drinking or eating more. The answer is eating. Although not drinking is tough too if I'm in that environment. But the food thing is way worse. I'm usually pretty good but there are times when I just think about the stuff I can't have because I know that I could eat that pizza or box of cookies or carton of ice cream. And then probably feel guilty afterwards. I won't give up! no way!

I've lost 37.4lbs to date!! The sponsorship has slowed down though. I'm hoping it'll pick back up soon. Please sponsor me!! Even pennies is great!! It really adds up! Thanks everyone!!


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