Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yes on my birthday (Nov 6th) I weighed 222.2 lbs but then one big meal even if its healthy can screw everything up. So Ive lost a total of 44lbs!!! Not too shabby. Just 16lbs to go officially. But unofficially I think I need to lose even MORE!!!! I've been doing some research and according to the internets a guy my height and frame should weigh some where between 174-202 or something crazy like that. Oh man. I'll try and I'll keep trying. I cant even imagine myself at 174lbs. I dont think Ive weighed that since Junior high.

I'm gonna see if I can find a doctor to talk to about this officially. If you are one or know one please chime in with your two cents. Would love to hear from you. Regardless. I still need MORE SPONSORSHIP MONEY!!! That well has seemed to dry up and I was hoping to get $200/lb.

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Thanks everyone!!!