Friday, March 5, 2010

196.4lbs!!! Lost 70.4 lbs!!! WOOHOO!! GOAL ACHiEVED!!!

I've been doing a great job over the years gaining weight. No problem. It was almost effortless, but the truth is a lot goes into gaining as much weight as I did. It's hard work. And I thought losing it would be even harder and in some ways it was and in others it wasn't. Before I lost the weight, over the years, I'd watch shows like Biggest Loser or even Celebrity Fit Club and watch what they go through to lose weight. I thought I needed a drill sergeant. In this little experiment, I learned I don't need a boot camp or someone yelling in my face or to carry boulders up hills or even exercise 10 hours a day. That's what I thought it would take to lose what I needed to lose. The truth is I needed just a little push in the right direction. After that first week, where I lost 6lbs, that was it, I was in it for the long haul. And in 8 months and 4 days I'm quite sure I have added years on to my life. I just gotta keep it up.

The other day on March 3rd I weighed myself after my training run of 4 miles (tread mill) and for the first time my scale showed my a number BELOW where I was trying to get. I feeling of accomplishment and glee washed over me like a cool wave. I was Skyping with my lovely girlfriend at the time and we both enjoyed that moment.

I was watching a special on TV about a Biggest Loser winner who lost over 200lbs and gained most of it back. It was hard watching it. I felt bad for the guy. He thought he had to keep up that work out that lost him the weight but thats an insane schedule. He also is around bad influences: his mother (i think) was shaming him for being so heavy and at the same time serving him a plate full of ribs. When this contradiction was brought up to her, she excused it because "its a Sunday". So I guess on Sundays, even if you're obese, you can eat whatever you want, but the rest of the week, get your shit together, fatty.

I know those moments because I've had them in my own parents house. My mother talked to me the other day complaining about her own weight. That whole household needs help in a big bad way. When went home for the holidays, my sister made me a salad when i went to her house for lunch and when i went to my aunt's she made a healthy appetizer before we went out for dinner where I had salmon. Same thing at my other aunt's house. She made some healthy choices for me.

People are asking me how to lose weight which is still so funny to me. But the real way to do it is be smart about it and know your weaknesses and "triggers" (WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO EAT?) Get your families involvement, ask for their help. Let them know how important this is to you. Hopefully they'll respect it. Try not to give yourself a deadline. Just lose it in a healthy way no matter how long it takes. Hang in there, don't get discouraged even if you slip a bit. Lose it for charity, write a blog.

Big thanks to TED TREMPER!!!! And his family!! Ted and his family became Choroideremia Research Foundation members and have donated a combined $1,000. That's about $14.28 /lb. Bringing my new total up to $192.58/lb. (which is about $13,500) if everyone remembers to pay what they pledged.

I'm very excited for the future and to see what happens on those extra years I'll be around.

I want to thank everyone for their help, supportive words, support in terms of donations and although the weigh loss is over, I am always trying to raise money and awareness for this little known disease that is taking away my sight a little bit everyday.

Go to (if it doesn't work try another time, sometimes when they're updating the site its hard to get on)
on the PayPal there's a place where you can type that your donation is for EJ's WeightLoss.


Much Love

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm so close!!!! I'm almost there!! I have lost since July 1st 66.2 lbs. I have 3.8lbs to go.

Its been a struggle. At least these last handful of pounds have been. The first 60 were a lot easier to lose than I thought they would be before i started. Ofcourse there have been the temptations all around.

These last few days I was traveling on the road with an improv group. I bought some healthier snacks for me to bring along the way so I would be stuck or have to buy out of a machine or something. I was able to get a couple salads and some raisin bran. I did have a big breakfast one day with bacon, eggs and potato chunks. It wasnt even that good. but it was free from the hotel.

I steered clear of sodas, beer, hamburgers. We even went Arby's one day and I had a salad. Not a lot to choose from on the Arby's menu in terms of healthy choices. But I found a salad and it wasnt bad.

I'm excited about getting to my final goal so that I can then concentrate fully on the next goal and thats the marathon runs and making the documentary.

Big thanks to new sponsor
Alana Poma - .25/lb
Deborah Ann Woll - $10/lb
I lost track of a sponsor or two somewhere. Hopefully they'll remember who they are. But that is $1.42/lb (i'll pay it just in case.)

Bringing the total to


Which is over $12,000!!!!!

I'd still like to get to $200/lb though. There's still time. C'mon people!!!!

Remember you can donate to the cause at
There's a PayPal button there. When people donate via "PayPal", on the 2nd page, left hand side is a link titled, "Donation Directed Towards". Clicking on that link opens a text box where you can type in what the donation for. Hopefully everyone that says they'll donate will remember to and not procrastinate (sometimes that happens).

Thank you so much everybody!!!! This has been really inspiring to me. I hope some of it has rubbed off on you. Much love.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

204.0 lbs!!

Having trouble with these last 10lbs. they are being more difficult than any other of the pounds. ive cut out most starchy foods until i get rid of them. I have to get down to 196.8 lbs. Thats the goal. its just really frustrating that the weight was falling off of me so easily before but now its so much harder.

Ive started training for a marathon for October. Basically Im only doing treadmill stuff right now and a couple of yoga classes. I really want these last 7.2 lbs off in the next 4 weeks. by march i want it to be done!

I'm very proud of the accomplishments Ive made so far and Im getting a lot of nice feedback. But I want people to pay off the donations they have promised so i can see how much this weight loss has brought in for the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Couple new sponsors..

Lisa Linke - $2/lb
Jennifer Estlin - adding $1/lb to her donation.
Tami Sagher added $6/lb

$164.71 /lb total.

I'm still trying to get up to $200/lb. Thatd be amazing.

If youve pledged please go to ..

You can pay on Paypal. And please say that its for EJs weightloss. (I think they send you an email asking if youd like to donate in someones name.)

Thank you all so much for supporting me. Much love.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

206.8 lbs!! I lost 60lbs!! 10lbs to go!!!

I thought I had hit a plateau and I did. I was weighing the same amount everyday for several days in a row. Then I joined a gym and started exercising. Just treadmill stuff for now. I'll be taking a couple light yoga classes as I go. It's only been a week, but I lost weight! I weighed myself today and it read 206.8!!!! 60lbs on the button.

Originally my goal was to lose 60lbs. A couple months ago I decided to go for 70lbs cuz it would be healthier.

If you have pledged to donate please do so at

You're welcome to wait til I lose the other 10lbs. If you only wanted to sponsor me for the 60 thats ok but Id be great if you could sponsor the full 70lbs.

New sponsors...
Shannon MacIntyre (not related to me) - .50/lb
Abby Denson - .50/lb
Pat and Sal Devito - $1.43/lb

$155.71 / lb TOTAL!!!

This is all to find a cure for Choroideremia guys. I have it, my brother has it, my nephew has it, maybe my 1 yr old nephew also has it. My moms a carrier, my sisters a carrier, my aunts a carrier. Please help. I'm trying to get up to $200/lb. Thank you so much everybody for your help and support.

Much Love,