Wednesday, December 30, 2009

211.2 lbs!!! over 55lbs lost!!!!

Even though its the holiday season its still possible to lose weight. who'da thought? actually a day or two ago i weighed myself on my parents new scale and it said 210.6. wow. But I'm writing the blog today so I'm counting todays weigh in.

Almost at the original goal of 60lbs then going to blow passed that to the 70lbs. I figure 2 months I should be there. Or really close. I'm feeling good. Looking a lot better. My girlfriend is impressed (even though she loved me when i was fat. Go love her.)

Now I start thinking about the marathons I'll be running for the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Donate and sponsor me!! Its not too late and no amount too small!!! Still trying to get up to the $200/lb mark. I'm about $45 short of that. But if everyone gives a little, it'll happen.

Thanks again for the support. Much love.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

216.2 lbs!!!! Over 50lbs lost!!!!

I never thought I'd lose 50lbs. I never thought that someday I would need to. But that day is here. So there ya go.

Its been a while since my last blog mainly due to Thanksgiving. I was gone for two weeks and didn't have my scale. I was really nervous about going home and being out of my element when it came to food. Turns out for good reason.

Mostly everybody was good about being thoughtful about my diet and new eating habits. Although there was one night when my dad went to an Italian restaurant and got food for me , my mom, my brother and himself. We sat around the dinner table and I took out my chicken Caesar salad an they took out their food. My dad had a giant Meatball or sausage parmesan sandwich, my brother had ravioli smothered in cheese and my mom had some kind of sandwich too.

I brought up to my father how worried I am about his eating and his weight and his health. It seemed to just roll off him like water off a ducks back. On Fathers day my family had a talk with my dad expressing our concern for his well being. We even got him a Jenny Craig program, at the time, he said he'd go to. But he hasn't. And being around that stuff is hard for me too. I would love to chow down on some artery clogging goodness. I felt like a junkie. A food junkie and the people around me are junkies too.

When my dad refuses to get his health together because food is too important, thats a real problem. ANd thats why I'm losing this weight now and trying to develop new habits now rather than later. Its very difficult. And unfortunately isnt taken as seriously as it should be. My dads on heart medication because a few years back he a had a couple stents put in.

I worry about my father and I worry about my brother who is heavier than either me or my father was at his age. He was actually going to lose weight too with me and then changed his mind. I think he realizes he might be a food addict too.

I've decided to run the Chicago marathon next year. I'll probably have to do it blindfolded which sounds like a nightmare to me. But i'm way too light sensitive to be out in the sun for that long. I also think its a good way for me to keep the weight off.

New sponsors

Jason Bartow - added .25 / lb
Debbie Carney - .42 /lb
MG Maloney - .25 /lb
Tami Sagher - $4 / lb

brings me to almost $153.28/lb. I'm still trying to get to $200/lb even though I'm losing 70lbs now. Most of these money numbers are still for 60lbs. But I'm going to lose 70lbs. And hope people will give a little more for the extra 10 lbs.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support. I really appreciate it.

Much love,

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yes on my birthday (Nov 6th) I weighed 222.2 lbs but then one big meal even if its healthy can screw everything up. So Ive lost a total of 44lbs!!! Not too shabby. Just 16lbs to go officially. But unofficially I think I need to lose even MORE!!!! I've been doing some research and according to the internets a guy my height and frame should weigh some where between 174-202 or something crazy like that. Oh man. I'll try and I'll keep trying. I cant even imagine myself at 174lbs. I dont think Ive weighed that since Junior high.

I'm gonna see if I can find a doctor to talk to about this officially. If you are one or know one please chime in with your two cents. Would love to hear from you. Regardless. I still need MORE SPONSORSHIP MONEY!!! That well has seemed to dry up and I was hoping to get $200/lb.

remember you can donate at

Thanks everyone!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just an update.

I've noticed that my feet are feeling better. That I can walk around without being in pain. Just a few months ago I would wake up everyday and putting my feet on the floor would be like stepping on a hot plate. There's very little or no discomfort when I wake up in the morning now. And I attribute it to my weight loss. I'm able to run up 4 floors worth of stairs instead of drag myself up. My girlfriend told me I don't snore anymore. I only had started snoring when I started putting on all the weight. My back hasn't caused me any trouble since I lost the weight. I have a history of back problems.

Someday I will run a marathon. I just gotta figure out how to deal with the sun. But one day I will do it.

The Bill's Wiki'd Women have given me a new total of how they have helped.


Bringing the new tally to ........


incredible!! these last 20 lbs are gonna be a bitch!! I need all the help I can get. Thanks guys!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

227 lbs!!!!!

Its been a while since my last blog and that's because I've been losing weight the last few weeks a bit slower. I went to Canada to visit my lady and while there my routine and schedule was a bit off. I ended up putting on a few pounds that I found out about when I got back here to my scale.

But I'm confident I will lose these last 20.whatever lbs!

I'll be out of town and away from my scale around Thanksgiving for over 2 weeks!! Thats making me a little nervous now that I think about it. But I'll be good.

The other night I was at my friends birthday celebration at a bar. And a guy put down a box of yummy looking cupcakes right in front of me and there were two girls who just got back from the hot dog stand and they had bags of goodies that smelled very good. So I left. No drinking and no goodies. It was necessary, but it was tough.

Mary Cait is my latest sponsor. $1/lb bring the tally to $133.63/lb!!!!

Keep it coming!! Donate to

thanks everybody!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

229.2 lbs!!!!

Last night I turned down more birthday cake. Turned down a corn bread at Boston Market the other day. But its working.

I was asked last night if I missed drinking or eating more. The answer is eating. Although not drinking is tough too if I'm in that environment. But the food thing is way worse. I'm usually pretty good but there are times when I just think about the stuff I can't have because I know that I could eat that pizza or box of cookies or carton of ice cream. And then probably feel guilty afterwards. I won't give up! no way!

I've lost 37.4lbs to date!! The sponsorship has slowed down though. I'm hoping it'll pick back up soon. Please sponsor me!! Even pennies is great!! It really adds up! Thanks everyone!!


Donate at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

233.2!!! Lost over 33lbs!!!

New sponsors!!

Carol (my moms friend) - $2.50/lb
Alex Eilhauer - $2.50/lb

$127.63 + $5 = $132.63/lb!!!!

Amazing! Keep it coming!!

Thank you so much. Donate at
its easy and tax deductible.

Monday, September 14, 2009

236.2 lbs!!!!! Lost over 30 lbs!!!

Just got off the scale and have hit my half way mark. WOOHOO!! Pretty sweet. Feels good feels good.

I'm still working on the impulse control. I still get that feeling to grab a bunch of candy bars when i pass the aisle at the grocery store. Or just walking on the sidewalks and smelling all different types of foods from different restaurants: pizza, hamburgers, etc. The initial instinct is to give over to it. But I haven't cheated. I've been good.

I've hit my halfway mark and then some and thats a big accomplishment. about 76 days to lose 30lbs.

I wanted to give a big thanks to Jenna Conde and the Alexander Skarsgard fans and Alex himself for joining the fight and raising a lot of money for the Choroideremia Research Foundation. It's really fantastic the work the True Blood fans have been doing. Totally unexpected when I started this thing. So thank you to all of you guys. Hope you enjoyed the finale and yes Deborah will be back for Season 3. She can't wait to start shooting.

Thanks a lot guys!!

Still looking for sponsorship money for the weight loss and it's never too late to jump on board. And no amount is too small. So please donate and let me know what you're sponsoring so I can add you to the tally. Thank you so much.

You can make all tax deductible donations at

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

240.6 lbs!!!

YAY!!!!!! Lost about 4lbs this week!!! Sweet!!!

I was worried there for a minute that I had plateaued. But I think the trail mix was slowing me down.

I was taught how to make salmon this week. My lady showed me how it's done and I think it's my new favorite dish. I've never been a seafood person but salmon and rice is DEE-licious!! But it is on the pricey side though.

Got a new awesome sponsor this week!!!! Scott Goldstein!! Thank you so much for sponsoring me at $10/lb. Thats really amazing!!

Mick Napier - $1/lb
Scott Goldstein - $10/lb
Billbabes new total = $21.82
$112.51 + $15.12/lb = $127.63

Keep it coming people!!! Never to late to sponsor or add more to sponsor!!! Thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

244.4 lbs!!!

I didn't lose that much this week but I did lose and thats the important thing.

I did learn a couple things this week. 1) No more trail mix for me. I'm eating too much of it. I was eating less fruit and more trail mix. If you look on the back of the trail mix package it says its for 6 servings, meanwhile I can eat it all at once. So, thats too easy. 2) Drink more water. The other day I noticed my water consumption had decreased.

I have started eating egg whites in my salads or even just as omlettes. I really enjoy that and dont want to give that up. I dont think I'll have to. Its important to be aware of what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. I might be reaching a point where the instinct is to go for the "bad foods" just cuz they look so tasty. I may be compensating by eating the trail mix.

Got some new sponsors this week that I added along the way to last weeks blog. Its really great. And my friend, Kerry, has decided she wanted to drop a some weight and she is going to be looking for sponsorship for the CRF as well. Thanks Kerry!!!

Total weight loss to date - 22.4 lbs since July 1st 2009.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

245.2 lbs!!!!

I was on Long Island becoming a Godfather to my nephew Aidan and wasn't able to weigh myself on my scale until today! Yay! I lost more weight! Thats really good and it is extremely hard especially being home. My father, mother, brother all live in the same house and all eat terribly. My father had a couple stents put in when he was having trouble breathing a couple years ago. Turns out he was on the path to a heart attack. But he hasn't really changed his ways. We even voiced our concerns for his health on Father's Day where he said he would change his ways. He still says it but isn't doing it. How do make a 66 year old man change his ways after 66 years of being the same way? I don't know. But that is why I am changing my ways now.

My brother (who also has the same eye disease as me). Is ten years younger than me, two inches shorter and I think weighs the same as me if not more. I am concerned for him because of the scary statistic that says his generation will be the first to die before their parents.

I was watching Oprah yesterday (no jokes needed). She had obese teenagers. The older generations are not taking care of the children, I think, because of making money. Fast food, vending machines, advertising, trickory in advertising, etc. It's scary to think about a 20 year old needing open heart surgery or becoming diabetic.

I urge all you parents out there to be that example for your children. I hope if I ever have children to be a good example. I hope I'm not coming off preachy, I'm just really scared for these kids.

Even at the restaurants I went to I had to specially order my meals because everything was fried or filled with carbs or both. The trick for me is staying satisfied. If I'm hungry that pizza commercial looks better and better to me. And is more of a temptation. But when I have healthy food in my belly its not as bad. Not nearly.

For breakfast I had an egg white omlette with spinach and tomato with a side of rice and corn. On Oprah a guy said eating protein in the morning helps burn fat through the day. So I'm gonna try it. Egg whites in the morning.

I got a good salmon recipe I'm looking forward to trying from my girlfriends father and maybe I'll turn out to be a decent cook by the time I lose all my weight instead of a good guy to find the cheapest fast food deals. "What's that, McDonald's? 2 sausage breakfast sandwiches for just over $3? That sure is a good deal! Will you pay for my hospital bills too?? No? That doesn't seem fair."

Thanks for reading and sponsoring and donating.

New sponsor!
Jason Bartow - $2.50/lb!!
Kristine Wynn Berg - $1 /lb
Wikid Women total - $16.81 /lb
Billsbabes total - $17.70 /lb
The Camerons - $1/lb
Rebecca Caputo - $5 / lb
Sandra Silva - $2 / lb
Jenna Frye - $1 / lb

NEW TOTAL per pound...... drum roll please.....

$98.43 (previous total) + $14.08 = $112.51/lb!!! Sweet!!

Thanks everybody!! Keep it coming!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

249.8 lbs!!!

I didnt lose a whole lot since the last weigh in. I have to do better with portion control and eating late at night.

But my total weight loss to date is 17lbs!!!

New sponsors...

John and Laura McIntyre - $5/lb
Wiki'd Women - $16.48 / lb

$98.43 / lb TOTAL SO FAR!!!!

Thanks everyone for keeping me motivated!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

251.4 lbs!!! Total weight loss for JULY is 15.4 lbs!! Woohoo!!

Sticking with my new eating regimen is tough. Lots and lots of salads. I have easily eaten more salads in the last month than my whole life before that put together.

Deb and I had a good time at comic con. She wore a hat to keep the recogntion factor down but she still got recognized a bunch everyday. It was pretty overwhelming. I heard that they sold 125,000 tickets. Wow!! The True Blood panel was great. And I think my lady did especially well.

There was food I had to turn down everywhere. I'm devouring vegetables instead. I was offered cake. "No thank you. I'm trying to lose weight." It was a red velvet cake I think. It looked delicious. I get woozy just thinking about it.

I went to a mexican restaurant the other night. I ordered a salad and the waitress brought over a bowl of chips with salsa. "No thank you. Please take it away." I think I offended her.

Turning down alcohol, corn bread, pizza, you name it. But because of the sponsorships and the support and especially my lovely lady I feel pretty good about the weight I'm losing. Still not doing any exercise regimen. I want to take yoga. I pulled my back out right before comic con. Had to go to a chiro a bunch to get me back in line. (Its a problem Ive had for over a decade.)

Adding to my sponsors!!

Jerry and Bernadette McIntyre - $1/lb
The Gings - $5/lb
Suzie Switala - $1/lb
Kerry Lynn McHugh - .50/lb
BillsBabes total - $16.45/lb ($1.55 more)

$70.90 + $9.05 (new sponsors) = $79.95/lb!!!!!

WIKI'D WOMEN - $15.74/lb

UPDATED TOTAL as of Aug 5th is $94.14/lb!! Great!! So great my new goal is getting $150/lb!!
Total for the CRF thus far??? - $1,450.526

Thanks for all the help guys!!! Keep it up!! REMEMBER ITS DEDUCTIBLE!!! (sponsor here. say its for the weight loss)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going to COMIC CON!!

I'm going to Comic Con (flying to LA in a few hours). I'll weigh myself and update the blog when I get back.

Thanks for the support!!! Keep it coming!!!

Donate at ....


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost more weight and got more sponsors!!

258.2 lbs!

Maria Dollard - $1/lb
Jennifer Barnum Bellofatto - $1/lb
Wiki'd Women - $1.50/lb more

Total $70.90/lb!!!

So I lost another 2 1/2 lbs this week. Not bad. My bodies probably adjusting to the new diet of fruits veggies, chicken, turkey and water. I've decided to try to not eat at all if possible after 10pm. However last night I had an apple after.

A lot of Stephen Moyer/True Blood fans have jumped on board. Which has been great and made a big difference. When I meet him I'll have to thank him for having great fans and also for being so damn sexy.

I'm leaving for LA on Sunday for 10 days and I'll be going to Comic Con in San Diego. That'll be interesting. I'm not going to weigh myself because I want to stay accurate with my own scale. But I'll weigh myself right before I leave and when I come back. I think as long as I keep my diet in check I'll drop a few pounds cuz I'll be walking around a lot.

If you havent donated yet please consider it. It's really adding up. I think I'm going to put full names up so I dont get confused by partial names. If you want to donate but dont want your name up, please let me know.

Thanks for the support!!! This is really great!!

Much love,


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I lost 6lbs in ONE WEEK!!!

260.8 lbs!!!!

I just got off the scale. 6 lbs in one week! I'm surprised by the results so far. I figured I'd lose one or two lbs a week. I think my body might be going into shock. And I've watched enough biggest loser to know that at some point I'll plateau.

I'm eating a lot actually but it's all pretty good. Start out in the morning with Special K cereal and skim milk, lunch is usually some salad with some chicken or a plate of chicken and veggies and rice. For dinner I've been eating a turkey patty with lettuce and tomatoe and a side of veggies. I snack on fruit and trail mix. I only drink water with the exception of a chug of OJ once and a little left over Gatorade once. But I'm not starving myself by any means and I think that's really important.

The temptations are still everywhere. Even riding by a McDonalds with a sign that says "$1 sausage biscuits!". I'd usually be all over that. But not this time. Not any time anymore.

I'm getting lots of sponsorship which is great!!!! And I'm so appreciative. Here's a list of who is helping me out....

Billsbabes - $14.90/lb
The Woll's - $10/lb
Diane Gullo- $5/lb
the Parrack's - $10/lb
Kevin McCarthy - $5/lb
Rachel Kimsey - $2/lb
Stacy Conner - $2/lb
Sean Carley - $2/lb
Carmela Thone - $2/lb
Ana Maria Young - $2/lb
Jen Grella - $2/lb
Liz Lucas - $2/lb
Ferries Family - $2/lb
Bill's Wiki'd Women - $1.50/lb
Jaime Thone - $1/lb
Linda Orr - $1/lb
Jennifer Estlin - $1/lb
Andrew Shaw - $1/lb
Dan Carr - $1/lb

$67.40/lb - TOTAL!!!

I think I may have lost track of sponsors. When I did the math in my head the other day it added up different. So if I forgot your initials please let me know.

I also want to give a special shout out to Shelley Berman and Will Berson. And $235 donated from Tina and other Wiki'd Women. Thank you so much.

Again even if you sponsored one cent a pound you can see how it's adding up. Cory MacDonald also has Choroideremia and is trying to lose 40 lbs by September and he has a couple of sponsors too. It's not too late to join in!!

Thanks for everything everybody!!!

Much love,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DAY 1!!!! Getting on the scale!!

266.8 lbs!!!

I celebrated last night by eating half of a Lou Malnati's deep dish pepperoni pizza. It was awesome. I had a Kit Kat bar too.

Then today I weighed myself with a brand new digital scale. I stripped naked (you're welcome) and stepped on. 266.8 lbs!! It was less than I thought it would be but I just moved into a new place monday and maybe lost a couple that day.

My girlfriend, Deborah, and I went food shopping and it was hard for me. I've eaten poorly my whole life. And change is scary. But it's gotta be done.

I ran an errand this morning before I ate anything and thought "Oh I'll be by Dunkin' Donuts. I'll get a breakfast sandwich. " Then I realized I can't. It's gonna take some time and effort to switch my thinking around.

I'm not going to miss being fat but I am going to miss everything that made me fat.

I had some chicken for lunch and having a turkey pattie for dinner. (No bread).

I'm trying to stay clear as much as possible if not completely from sweets, breads, carbs, etc.

It's gonna be hard and scary but with your love and support I can do it.

I know some people have stated they are unable to sponsor me due to funds. I just want people to know that nothing is too small. Even .10 cents / pound. If I lose 60 lbs in a years time then that's $6.00!! I think donating $6.00 is less scary than trying to cure us in one donation. AND ITS DEDUCTIBLE!!! You'll get it back. So mull it over. You can jump in anytime.


donate to...
mention the weight loss for me when asked who you are donating for.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Losing weight for Charity and myself!

I am going blind and getting fat. 

I have a rare eye disease called Choroideremia. It runs in my family and is attacking my peripheral vision. A side effect of the disease is NOT getting fat. I'm doing that all on my own. My brother, and at least one of my nephews has the disease as well. My mother, sister, aunt are all carriers and my grandfather was blind. 

I know how difficult it is to lose weight and I thought if I had people watching me and counting on me, then I could do it. 

SPONSOR ME!!! You decide how much to give per pound. It will be based on the honor system. You trust that my numbers are true and I'll trust that you are giving the money to THE CHOROIDEREMIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION.

I'll be blogging with regularity of my progress and give updates on my weight and what I'm doing to lose it. I'm not trying to do anything radical or rapid. I'd like to do this as healthy as I can, so no Biggest Loser weight loss for me. Like 20lbs a week. 

I'm going to try to lose at least 60lbs and get down to a weight that matches my body type. 

I invite YOU to join me in losing the weight and getting sponsored for the CRF too. Please let me know if you will be sponsoring me or if you're losing weight too!! The incentive will only help me reach my goals. 

I will start my weight loss life style on JULY 1st!! (I'm not calling it a "diet" because diets are temporary and I need a lifestyle change.)

Thank you very much for your support!!

Much love,

EJ Scott