Tuesday, December 8, 2009

216.2 lbs!!!! Over 50lbs lost!!!!

I never thought I'd lose 50lbs. I never thought that someday I would need to. But that day is here. So there ya go.

Its been a while since my last blog mainly due to Thanksgiving. I was gone for two weeks and didn't have my scale. I was really nervous about going home and being out of my element when it came to food. Turns out for good reason.

Mostly everybody was good about being thoughtful about my diet and new eating habits. Although there was one night when my dad went to an Italian restaurant and got food for me , my mom, my brother and himself. We sat around the dinner table and I took out my chicken Caesar salad an they took out their food. My dad had a giant Meatball or sausage parmesan sandwich, my brother had ravioli smothered in cheese and my mom had some kind of sandwich too.

I brought up to my father how worried I am about his eating and his weight and his health. It seemed to just roll off him like water off a ducks back. On Fathers day my family had a talk with my dad expressing our concern for his well being. We even got him a Jenny Craig program, at the time, he said he'd go to. But he hasn't. And being around that stuff is hard for me too. I would love to chow down on some artery clogging goodness. I felt like a junkie. A food junkie and the people around me are junkies too.

When my dad refuses to get his health together because food is too important, thats a real problem. ANd thats why I'm losing this weight now and trying to develop new habits now rather than later. Its very difficult. And unfortunately isnt taken as seriously as it should be. My dads on heart medication because a few years back he a had a couple stents put in.

I worry about my father and I worry about my brother who is heavier than either me or my father was at his age. He was actually going to lose weight too with me and then changed his mind. I think he realizes he might be a food addict too.

I've decided to run the Chicago marathon next year. I'll probably have to do it blindfolded which sounds like a nightmare to me. But i'm way too light sensitive to be out in the sun for that long. I also think its a good way for me to keep the weight off.

New sponsors

Jason Bartow - added .25 / lb
Debbie Carney - .42 /lb
MG Maloney - .25 /lb
Tami Sagher - $4 / lb

brings me to almost $153.28/lb. I'm still trying to get to $200/lb even though I'm losing 70lbs now. Most of these money numbers are still for 60lbs. But I'm going to lose 70lbs. And hope people will give a little more for the extra 10 lbs.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support. I really appreciate it.

Much love,

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  1. wow, ej! keep going. running the marathon blindfolded sounds scary, but maybe another good way to raise money and awareness. you kick ass! -zabeth