Wednesday, December 30, 2009

211.2 lbs!!! over 55lbs lost!!!!

Even though its the holiday season its still possible to lose weight. who'da thought? actually a day or two ago i weighed myself on my parents new scale and it said 210.6. wow. But I'm writing the blog today so I'm counting todays weigh in.

Almost at the original goal of 60lbs then going to blow passed that to the 70lbs. I figure 2 months I should be there. Or really close. I'm feeling good. Looking a lot better. My girlfriend is impressed (even though she loved me when i was fat. Go love her.)

Now I start thinking about the marathons I'll be running for the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Donate and sponsor me!! Its not too late and no amount too small!!! Still trying to get up to the $200/lb mark. I'm about $45 short of that. But if everyone gives a little, it'll happen.

Thanks again for the support. Much love.


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