Tuesday, January 12, 2010

206.8 lbs!! I lost 60lbs!! 10lbs to go!!!

I thought I had hit a plateau and I did. I was weighing the same amount everyday for several days in a row. Then I joined a gym and started exercising. Just treadmill stuff for now. I'll be taking a couple light yoga classes as I go. It's only been a week, but I lost weight! I weighed myself today and it read 206.8!!!! 60lbs on the button.

Originally my goal was to lose 60lbs. A couple months ago I decided to go for 70lbs cuz it would be healthier.

If you have pledged to donate please do so at www.curechm.org

You're welcome to wait til I lose the other 10lbs. If you only wanted to sponsor me for the 60 thats ok but Id be great if you could sponsor the full 70lbs.

New sponsors...
Shannon MacIntyre (not related to me) - .50/lb
Abby Denson - .50/lb
Pat and Sal Devito - $1.43/lb

$155.71 / lb TOTAL!!!

This is all to find a cure for Choroideremia guys. I have it, my brother has it, my nephew has it, maybe my 1 yr old nephew also has it. My moms a carrier, my sisters a carrier, my aunts a carrier. Please help. I'm trying to get up to $200/lb. Thank you so much everybody for your help and support.

Much Love,

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