Tuesday, February 2, 2010

204.0 lbs!!

Having trouble with these last 10lbs. they are being more difficult than any other of the pounds. ive cut out most starchy foods until i get rid of them. I have to get down to 196.8 lbs. Thats the goal. its just really frustrating that the weight was falling off of me so easily before but now its so much harder.

Ive started training for a marathon for October. Basically Im only doing treadmill stuff right now and a couple of yoga classes. I really want these last 7.2 lbs off in the next 4 weeks. by march i want it to be done!

I'm very proud of the accomplishments Ive made so far and Im getting a lot of nice feedback. But I want people to pay off the donations they have promised so i can see how much this weight loss has brought in for the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Couple new sponsors..

Lisa Linke - $2/lb
Jennifer Estlin - adding $1/lb to her donation.
Tami Sagher added $6/lb

$164.71 /lb total.

I'm still trying to get up to $200/lb. Thatd be amazing.

If youve pledged please go to ..


You can pay on Paypal. And please say that its for EJs weightloss. (I think they send you an email asking if youd like to donate in someones name.)

Thank you all so much for supporting me. Much love.



  1. Congratulations EJ, what a great accomplishement - 60+ lbs is huge! As a fellow CHM'er, thanks for your committment and brilliant fundriasing idea!

  2. thanks jeff!! hopefully more to come :)