Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm so close!!!! I'm almost there!! I have lost since July 1st 66.2 lbs. I have 3.8lbs to go.

Its been a struggle. At least these last handful of pounds have been. The first 60 were a lot easier to lose than I thought they would be before i started. Ofcourse there have been the temptations all around.

These last few days I was traveling on the road with an improv group. I bought some healthier snacks for me to bring along the way so I would be stuck or have to buy out of a machine or something. I was able to get a couple salads and some raisin bran. I did have a big breakfast one day with bacon, eggs and potato chunks. It wasnt even that good. but it was free from the hotel.

I steered clear of sodas, beer, hamburgers. We even went Arby's one day and I had a salad. Not a lot to choose from on the Arby's menu in terms of healthy choices. But I found a salad and it wasnt bad.

I'm excited about getting to my final goal so that I can then concentrate fully on the next goal and thats the marathon runs and making the documentary.

Big thanks to new sponsor
Alana Poma - .25/lb
Deborah Ann Woll - $10/lb
I lost track of a sponsor or two somewhere. Hopefully they'll remember who they are. But that is $1.42/lb (i'll pay it just in case.)

Bringing the total to


Which is over $12,000!!!!!

I'd still like to get to $200/lb though. There's still time. C'mon people!!!!

Remember you can donate to the cause at
There's a PayPal button there. When people donate via "PayPal", on the 2nd page, left hand side is a link titled, "Donation Directed Towards". Clicking on that link opens a text box where you can type in what the donation for. Hopefully everyone that says they'll donate will remember to and not procrastinate (sometimes that happens).

Thank you so much everybody!!!! This has been really inspiring to me. I hope some of it has rubbed off on you. Much love.


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  1. How wonderful; I've been struggling ever since I had my second child and a tubal! I feel like those cats after they get fixed, fat and...well, let's just leave it at that! lol I've tried everything, but I think stress is a factor and my health; still I don't want to be big, I want to feel like a person, I just turned...well todays my birthday and I'm closer to 40 than yesterday, I don't know how to break old habits??? I want to feel human again....what to do?? Good for you, I applaud your motivation & strength good for you ;)