Wednesday, August 19, 2009

245.2 lbs!!!!

I was on Long Island becoming a Godfather to my nephew Aidan and wasn't able to weigh myself on my scale until today! Yay! I lost more weight! Thats really good and it is extremely hard especially being home. My father, mother, brother all live in the same house and all eat terribly. My father had a couple stents put in when he was having trouble breathing a couple years ago. Turns out he was on the path to a heart attack. But he hasn't really changed his ways. We even voiced our concerns for his health on Father's Day where he said he would change his ways. He still says it but isn't doing it. How do make a 66 year old man change his ways after 66 years of being the same way? I don't know. But that is why I am changing my ways now.

My brother (who also has the same eye disease as me). Is ten years younger than me, two inches shorter and I think weighs the same as me if not more. I am concerned for him because of the scary statistic that says his generation will be the first to die before their parents.

I was watching Oprah yesterday (no jokes needed). She had obese teenagers. The older generations are not taking care of the children, I think, because of making money. Fast food, vending machines, advertising, trickory in advertising, etc. It's scary to think about a 20 year old needing open heart surgery or becoming diabetic.

I urge all you parents out there to be that example for your children. I hope if I ever have children to be a good example. I hope I'm not coming off preachy, I'm just really scared for these kids.

Even at the restaurants I went to I had to specially order my meals because everything was fried or filled with carbs or both. The trick for me is staying satisfied. If I'm hungry that pizza commercial looks better and better to me. And is more of a temptation. But when I have healthy food in my belly its not as bad. Not nearly.

For breakfast I had an egg white omlette with spinach and tomato with a side of rice and corn. On Oprah a guy said eating protein in the morning helps burn fat through the day. So I'm gonna try it. Egg whites in the morning.

I got a good salmon recipe I'm looking forward to trying from my girlfriends father and maybe I'll turn out to be a decent cook by the time I lose all my weight instead of a good guy to find the cheapest fast food deals. "What's that, McDonald's? 2 sausage breakfast sandwiches for just over $3? That sure is a good deal! Will you pay for my hospital bills too?? No? That doesn't seem fair."

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    It's hard EJ but you are doing a great job with everything you have going on in your life. I know what you mean about trying to change people. My husband's father died from cancer and we quit smoking about 11 years ago. Last year, I found, do to his stressful job he semi picked it back up. I don't want to "nag" him because I am not like that, but I don't want to see him deteriorate from cancer either. He never does it home, just at work. I figure being that cops have a high rate of heart attacks that the smoking calms his nerves. Either way, I can't