Saturday, August 8, 2009

249.8 lbs!!!

I didnt lose a whole lot since the last weigh in. I have to do better with portion control and eating late at night.

But my total weight loss to date is 17lbs!!!

New sponsors...

John and Laura McIntyre - $5/lb
Wiki'd Women - $16.48 / lb

$98.43 / lb TOTAL SO FAR!!!!

Thanks everyone for keeping me motivated!!


  1. Great job EJ! Two pounds a week is right on track, make sure you remember that.
    So excited about the progress you are making.

  2. Hi.. I just found this place by checking out various TB websites.. Even if I'm just a stranger from Italy and I don't know how could I help from here, you have all my support, EJ! Hope you don't mind if I drop by sometimes, to read about how it's going! I hope donations reach the stars and more, for you and everyone who suffer of choroideremia.. sorry for my not-perfect english! I'm sure you're gonna reach your goal, so.. forza e coraggio! *italian wish for luck*

  3. I just joined your blog after I read about you on a TB website. You are courageous and give hope for other people with chroroideremia. You have my support 100%. Good luck with the weight loss, don't give up the fight!

  4. I really appreciate you guys reading and supporting. thank you so much.