Saturday, August 1, 2009

251.4 lbs!!! Total weight loss for JULY is 15.4 lbs!! Woohoo!!

Sticking with my new eating regimen is tough. Lots and lots of salads. I have easily eaten more salads in the last month than my whole life before that put together.

Deb and I had a good time at comic con. She wore a hat to keep the recogntion factor down but she still got recognized a bunch everyday. It was pretty overwhelming. I heard that they sold 125,000 tickets. Wow!! The True Blood panel was great. And I think my lady did especially well.

There was food I had to turn down everywhere. I'm devouring vegetables instead. I was offered cake. "No thank you. I'm trying to lose weight." It was a red velvet cake I think. It looked delicious. I get woozy just thinking about it.

I went to a mexican restaurant the other night. I ordered a salad and the waitress brought over a bowl of chips with salsa. "No thank you. Please take it away." I think I offended her.

Turning down alcohol, corn bread, pizza, you name it. But because of the sponsorships and the support and especially my lovely lady I feel pretty good about the weight I'm losing. Still not doing any exercise regimen. I want to take yoga. I pulled my back out right before comic con. Had to go to a chiro a bunch to get me back in line. (Its a problem Ive had for over a decade.)

Adding to my sponsors!!

Jerry and Bernadette McIntyre - $1/lb
The Gings - $5/lb
Suzie Switala - $1/lb
Kerry Lynn McHugh - .50/lb
BillsBabes total - $16.45/lb ($1.55 more)

$70.90 + $9.05 (new sponsors) = $79.95/lb!!!!!

WIKI'D WOMEN - $15.74/lb

UPDATED TOTAL as of Aug 5th is $94.14/lb!! Great!! So great my new goal is getting $150/lb!!
Total for the CRF thus far??? - $1,450.526

Thanks for all the help guys!!! Keep it up!! REMEMBER ITS DEDUCTIBLE!!! (sponsor here. say its for the weight loss)


  1. Great job EJ! Red velvet cake is my fav, that would have been a tough one. :) Keep going, you are doing great!! As far as the exercise...start with some hand weights you can carry around the house. Take them everywhere, and I mean everywhere. 10lb weights pumped 20/50 times while watching TV will add to more weight loss. Plus...You know how Tina Turner kept those super abs? She walks around holding her stomach in. This strengthens the muscles. Start small, exercising gets boring fast so change it up. Can't wait for your next weigh in!!!

  2. EJ, I too have choroideremia and am currently embarking on a weight-loss mission myself. I stumbled upon your blog, coincidentally, via a True Blood fan page, via Twitter. If you don't mind I might duplicate your efforts here in Canada. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Yes by all means Jeff. Please do. I also have a Choroideremia page on Facebook and Myspace and I hope you'll be at the CRF conference next year!!