Wednesday, September 2, 2009

240.6 lbs!!!

YAY!!!!!! Lost about 4lbs this week!!! Sweet!!!

I was worried there for a minute that I had plateaued. But I think the trail mix was slowing me down.

I was taught how to make salmon this week. My lady showed me how it's done and I think it's my new favorite dish. I've never been a seafood person but salmon and rice is DEE-licious!! But it is on the pricey side though.

Got a new awesome sponsor this week!!!! Scott Goldstein!! Thank you so much for sponsoring me at $10/lb. Thats really amazing!!

Mick Napier - $1/lb
Scott Goldstein - $10/lb
Billbabes new total = $21.82
$112.51 + $15.12/lb = $127.63

Keep it coming people!!! Never to late to sponsor or add more to sponsor!!! Thank you so much.

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