Monday, September 14, 2009

236.2 lbs!!!!! Lost over 30 lbs!!!

Just got off the scale and have hit my half way mark. WOOHOO!! Pretty sweet. Feels good feels good.

I'm still working on the impulse control. I still get that feeling to grab a bunch of candy bars when i pass the aisle at the grocery store. Or just walking on the sidewalks and smelling all different types of foods from different restaurants: pizza, hamburgers, etc. The initial instinct is to give over to it. But I haven't cheated. I've been good.

I've hit my halfway mark and then some and thats a big accomplishment. about 76 days to lose 30lbs.

I wanted to give a big thanks to Jenna Conde and the Alexander Skarsgard fans and Alex himself for joining the fight and raising a lot of money for the Choroideremia Research Foundation. It's really fantastic the work the True Blood fans have been doing. Totally unexpected when I started this thing. So thank you to all of you guys. Hope you enjoyed the finale and yes Deborah will be back for Season 3. She can't wait to start shooting.

Thanks a lot guys!!

Still looking for sponsorship money for the weight loss and it's never too late to jump on board. And no amount is too small. So please donate and let me know what you're sponsoring so I can add you to the tally. Thank you so much.

You can make all tax deductible donations at


  1. Hi E.J. I am also supporting CHM through my blog I have three teen sons and they each have it. Just need to keep the faith and keep fundraising!! Thanks for being you.

  2. Fantastic on the weight loss. Its down hill from here...

    I'll totally sponsor you! I gave for Alex's birthday but can do it again!

  3. thank you so much julie!!!!

    and fabby i will check out your blog. all the best.