Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I lost 6lbs in ONE WEEK!!!

260.8 lbs!!!!

I just got off the scale. 6 lbs in one week! I'm surprised by the results so far. I figured I'd lose one or two lbs a week. I think my body might be going into shock. And I've watched enough biggest loser to know that at some point I'll plateau.

I'm eating a lot actually but it's all pretty good. Start out in the morning with Special K cereal and skim milk, lunch is usually some salad with some chicken or a plate of chicken and veggies and rice. For dinner I've been eating a turkey patty with lettuce and tomatoe and a side of veggies. I snack on fruit and trail mix. I only drink water with the exception of a chug of OJ once and a little left over Gatorade once. But I'm not starving myself by any means and I think that's really important.

The temptations are still everywhere. Even riding by a McDonalds with a sign that says "$1 sausage biscuits!". I'd usually be all over that. But not this time. Not any time anymore.

I'm getting lots of sponsorship which is great!!!! And I'm so appreciative. Here's a list of who is helping me out....

Billsbabes - $14.90/lb
The Woll's - $10/lb
Diane Gullo- $5/lb
the Parrack's - $10/lb
Kevin McCarthy - $5/lb
Rachel Kimsey - $2/lb
Stacy Conner - $2/lb
Sean Carley - $2/lb
Carmela Thone - $2/lb
Ana Maria Young - $2/lb
Jen Grella - $2/lb
Liz Lucas - $2/lb
Ferries Family - $2/lb
Bill's Wiki'd Women - $1.50/lb
Jaime Thone - $1/lb
Linda Orr - $1/lb
Jennifer Estlin - $1/lb
Andrew Shaw - $1/lb
Dan Carr - $1/lb

$67.40/lb - TOTAL!!!

I think I may have lost track of sponsors. When I did the math in my head the other day it added up different. So if I forgot your initials please let me know.

I also want to give a special shout out to Shelley Berman and Will Berson. And $235 donated from Tina and other Wiki'd Women. Thank you so much.

Again even if you sponsored one cent a pound you can see how it's adding up. Cory MacDonald also has Choroideremia and is trying to lose 40 lbs by September and he has a couple of sponsors too. It's not too late to join in!!

Thanks for everything everybody!!!

Much love,


  1. Okay, I'm late but I'm in! $2 a pound for me and a $50 bonus if you hit your goal!
    I will happily harass you and send you annoying tips until you're through.

  2. is this you kimsey!? thank you SO much!

  3. I'm in for $2/lb as well.

    I've lost 50+ lbs before. Vitamins in the morning, water (even when not thirsy), and a peeled grapefruit a day are the things that would keep me going.

    The first two weeks are always the best, but later on the weight loss will slow down, and some weeks even seem to stop. Don't get discouraged though, if you stick to your plan it'll average out.

    Of course, I always gain it back eventually, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. :D

  4. thanks sean! sean who? there are no last names on this thing.

  5. 6 pounds in 7 days! Awesome job--now, don't you wither away to nothing!